Diego Cordoba

Diego Cordoba

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This current release of Diego Cordoba's coffee is from the July/September 2018 harvest.  We're excited to have this delicious and sweet coffee back on our menu!

This is the fourth harvest we’ve purchased from Diego and his family.

Since our first purchase of his coffees in 2016, Diego has used the premiums he’s received from these harvests to rebuild and expand his drying capability to be able to dry more coffee at once slowly, to ensure stability.

He has also been able to renovate his house, adding a new kitchen space that is attached to his house, rather than being separated.

When we visited Finca La Quebrada Honda, owned by Diego Cordoba and his family, it was clear that above all, growing conditions can have the most profound effect on the final product of a coffee. 

Located two hours southwest of the city of Pasto, Nariño, in Colombia, Diego Cordoba's farm sits at an altitude of 1900m.

He separates his dense cherries from floaters in wicker baskets and dries his coffee in a small ventilated greenhouse outside of his house.

The coffee - with notes of lemon, florals, raspberry, and cocao, reminded us of delicate, high-grown Ethiopian coffees. It is absolutely stunning!

Region: Pasto, Nariño
Varietal: Caturra, Castillo
Altitude: 1900m
Processing: Washed, dried in ventilated greenhouse
Harvested: August 2018

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