Jose Perafan

Jose Perafan

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Coffees from Huila in Colombia are some of our favourites every year.

Bruselas is located south of the coffee center town of Pitalito. This lush region of Colombia can be wet as daily rain is common, so a producer is constantly challenged by this moisture when drying coffees.

Jose Perafan is a member of the Los Guacharos, which is an independent group of producers in the Bruselas region. You’ll see a coffee from this group later this year.

At 1700m, Jose Perafan picks and de-pulps his coffee on the same day. After a 36 hr fermentation, he washes his coffee, then moves it to a patio to start the drying. He finishes the drying under shade, which slows the process down, allowing for a better stabilization of moisture in the coffee.

In the cup this coffee has the sweetness of cola and chocolate fudge, which a floral top-note.

Region: Bruselas, Huila
Varietal: Caturra
Altitude: 1700m
Processing: Washed
Harvested: August/September 2018

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