La Florida

La Florida

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Gilberto Rojas's coffee is delicious. We first tried it in a blind cupping in January 2016 and singled it out right away as being outstanding.

Once we visited Finca La Florida, it became apparent why the coffee was so great.

To control consistency in fermentations, Sr. Rojas uses a refractometer to measure the sugar content of the ripe cherry, then the sugar content after fermentation. Starting with a brix of 24-27, he aims for a post-fermentation brix reading of 8-9 before washing.

After 4-5 washes with clean water, he then used a clever screening system to remove any remaining cherry skins from the washed coffee. Cherry skins are considered defect and will affect a coffee's score negatively. They also can add off-flavours in the drying process.

Region: Acevedo, Huila, Colombia
Varietal: Colombia
Altitude: 1730m
Processing: Washed

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