Ricardo Zelaya Sampler Box

Ricardo Zelaya Sampler Box


This year we purchased 11 micro-lots from Ricardo Zelaya, who owns and operates Fincas Santa Clara, San Agustin, and Jauja, in Antigua, Guatemala.

We kept one bag of our three favourite lots from our selections to put into this sampler box.

This box consists of three 250g bags - one from each lot, plus a pamphlet outlining the lot info for each coffee.

Finca Santa Clara - A Bourbon selection picked on Februrary 6, 2018 from one of Santa Clara’s highest altitude lots, at 1850m!

Finca Jauja - This is a selection of Yellow Bourbon cherries picked on Februrary 27, 2018. Jauja is essentially across the road from Santa Clara, and was originally a Hass Avocado farm. Some of the enormous avocado trees are still on the property providing shade for the coffee plants.

Finca San Agustin - San Agustin Las Cañas is located at the gateway to the town of Antigua, on the road coming in from Guatemala City. Again, a high altitude Bourbon selection, this coffee was harvested on February 6, 2018. At 1860m, the slow maturation of the cherries from the warm days/cool nights of this elevation is shown in the complexity of the coffee and it’s juicy acidity.

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