De Dios

De Dios

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We first visited the Prentice family in March of 2015 at the tail end of their harvest, but have purchased their coffee since 2014.

What struck us as unique and extremely progressive about Finca De Dios was the methods of lot separation they employ. Many of the coffees that are exported from their farm are blends of different lots that fit a flavour profile.

This year we were proud to purchase three coffees from Finca De Dios. This lot is a small selection from a lot called La Joya, called La Joyita. This lot is syrupy, sweet, and delicate. We liken it to what we think “idea” Guatemalan coffee should taste like - if that’s even a thing….

We hope you love this coffee.

Region: Fraijanes
Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra, Pache
Altitude: 1750m
Processing: Washed
Harvested: February 2015

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