Fito Valenzuela

Fito Valenzuela

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Fito Valenzuela is a member of a producer group that we’ve formed a relationship with in hills surrounding the town of Mataquescuintla, Guatemala.

This is the second harvest that we’ve purchased from Fito. This year we also purchased the coffee from his sons and his nephew.


Pablo Adolfo Valenzuela Lima (Fito)’s farm, Finca Buena Vista was first planted with coffee in 1935, at an altitude of 1850m. He is still using the varieties planted then, which consist of Bourbon and Typica (Pache San Ramon, and Pache Colis).

His dedication to his community is simple and we’ll leave it to him to explain:

“Our family has been dedicated to the care and protection of the environment. For 8 years we have opposed mega projects specifically mining. We do it because we are aware of the damage that these projects cause. Due to the fact that we are against mining, our family has been criminalized, repressed and imprisoned. Today more than ever we are aware of the protection of Mother Earth, our objectives are: to continue protecting flora, fauna and nature, to continue producing extraordinary coffee.”

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